What is payroll software?

Published: 03rd June 2011
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There has been a proliferation of the number of companies in the recent times that have increased their business to mammoth proportions. There are many employees working in such companies and it is a real pain when you are the head and you need to manage the salary structure of each employee. There are many solutions in the market but the most reliable is the payroll software that makes the process of calculation of salary a breeze.

The next few lines would give an overview of the Payroll system. The dawn of computer revolution has changed the way business is conducted in different sectors of the economy. The conventional office has transformed itself into the paperless mode. As a result the management of the organization is able to automatically create salaries based on the taxes and the deductions.

It is very important to know the important attributes of the payroll system. For start it provides comprehensive information about the employees. There are different fields like the employee name age and date of joining.

It is very important to know the third options because based on that the salary is calculated. It uses programming language to design the user interface and the database to store the important data about the employees. It is imperative that you enter the required information about the employees in an accurate manner because any discrepancy in entering the data may lead to incorrect assignment of the salaries. The modern payroll system also counts the number of days for which the employees took leave in a month.

Many companies follow different policies in calculating the net salaries. Some organizations provide a day off in the month and for the next subsequent days they deduct from the basic pay on a pro rata basis. The salary of an employee has many components but the most important of them are the basic pay Home rent allowance and the transport allowance.

The incentives are offered as a reward on the performance and they are included in the calculation of the gross salary. The payroll software helps in preparing the virtual copy of the salary slip and also helps in the printing of the same.

When the employee takes loan it is also registered with the software and the employee gets a rebate on the total taxes. The insurance schemes feature as well in to the overall scheme of things. The software follows the latest TDS principle that helps you to evaluate the exact amount of taxes. It takes into account the interest provided by the bank and others.

The government charges 10% on the interest. The gift taxes are only 2% that are also managed by the virtual application. The payroll software is customized according to the requirements of different organizations because their requirements and issues are also varied. In event of the non existence of permanent account number the rate of taxes become double which is taken into consideration when creating the software. It is therefore advisable to apply for the number if you do not have it.

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